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Which Magento Cache Plugin Should I Use to Improve Store Performance?June 6, 2017


In this KB

  • Why caching is essential for Magento stores
  • Supported plugins for Magento 1.X
  • Configuring integrated Varnish for Magento 2.X


The performance of a Magento store is crucial to its success. This would include fast load times, less resource usage and excellent user experience.

By using a quality cache plugin, you get reduced load on your application and benefit from faster response times. It all ends up in providing optimal performance to the end-customer and helps in improving sales.

Therefore, in this KB, we will give you a brief overview of all the Magento cache plugins available in the Cloudways Platform.

The following listed cache plugins are supported on the Cloudways Platform.

For Magento 1.x:

  • Cloudways Full Page Cache (Cloudways-recommended)
    • Cloudways FPC is deployed by default in all Magento 1.x installs. It is highly recommended to go with our default option unless you prefer the other supported plugins.
    • This cache plugin works with both new and old servers. It is easy to install and manage, convenient and stable. Its compatibility rate is better than other cache plugins. A variety of options is available to configure as per your requirements.
    • Cloudways FPC doesn’t support Varnish so make sure to disable Varnish on your application from the Cloudways Platform.
  • Turpentine
    • This plugin works with new servers only (Debian 8, servers created after Feb 9, 2016). It’s a free and highly maintained cache plugin which significantly enhances the cache hit rate.
    • You will need to enable Varnish for your application from the Cloudways Platform in order for Turpentine to work.
  • Phoenix PageCache
    • This plugin works with old servers only (Debian 7, servers created before Feb. 9, 2016).  
    • You will need to enable Varnish for your application from the Cloudways Platform in order for Phoenix PageCache to work.

For Magento 2.x

  • Varnish is integrated by default in Magento 2.x. It only requires a few configuration changes to make it work on your store. You can learn how to configure according to your store setup here.


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