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Which Add-ons are Offered by Cloudways?February 18, 2016


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  • A list of add-ons available on Cloudways, divided by categories


Cloudways believes in making things convenient for its customers. Owing to this, a number of add-ons are available on the Cloudways Platform. On Cloudways, you get add-ons in the following categories:

Email Addons

With Cloudways email add-ons, you can reliably send and receive emails either with the available email hosting providers or your own SMTP provider. At present, Cloudways offers:

Application Services

Cloudways offers you the ease of managing your applications for you by offering you the service of:

Security Services

Your security is our priority. For this purpose, we have collaborated with few of the security service providers. You can check out the full add-ons below:


At present, Cloudways is offering you the DNS Made Easy utility to help you focus on business strategies and leave the technicalities on the Cloudways teams.

All these add-ons are available through the console and can also be activated through the online chat. If you have any addon in your mind which should be a part of Cloudways, then let us know through your feedback.

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