We highly recommend that you verify your SSL certificate after installing it to ensure that it is configured correctly. Many common issues arise if anything goes wrong during the SSL installation process. Your site visitors may also face inconvenience or may see several warnings generated by web browsers if your SSL certificate is not set up correctly.

In this article, you will learn how to perform a free SSL check of your website after installing the certificate.

How to Verify Your SSL Certificate

Verification of your SSL certificate can be done effortlessly using any third-party tool such as SSL Server Test by Qualys SSL Labs. You are just required to enter your domain name in the Hostname field and hit Submit to begin the testing. You can also choose the option to hide your website results from the public.

Here, you will see that your website has been graded with a grade from A to an F (in some cases, grades M and T) along with the details to validate it. Our demo website was graded an A grade during our testing which indicates that the SSL certificate was properly deployed. Read more about Qualys SSL Labs grading criteria here.


Please note that if you use any Web Application Firewall (WAF) service such as Cloudflare and using their SSL/TLS protection, then you will see their certificate name over your original SSL certificate when running an SSL check.

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