How to Create and Update Team MembersNovember 26, 2015


As explained in this KB, there are two ways to get people to collaborate with you. One, if you simply need to give SFTP access to an external party to one of your applications, and another if you want to give this external party access to the Cloudways Platform Console (including servers and applications) with a much more fine-grained level of control.

In this KB we are going to focus on the latest, that is achieved via our Team feature. Note that only account owners can create Team Members.

Let’s see now how you can create/update Team Member and set the desired access level.

Step 1: Log into the Cloudways Platform

Go to and log in with your (account owner) credentials.

Cloudways Platform

Step 2: Add a new Team Member

Tap the “Team” option on the top menu bar.


Now tap on the “+” icon on the top menu bar and choose “Add Member“.


Provide the name and email address of your team member and set the status to Active.


Step 3: Set Desired Access Level

You can configure the access level for the team member to Billing, Support, and Console areas.

  1. Billing Access: Checking this box allows the team member to access billing information. Your team member can view, download and pay invoices and also get invoice notifications. He/she can also update billing information (Credit Card data). 
  2. Support Access: Checking this box allows the team member to access the support area. After this he/she can create and answer tickets on your behalf.
  3. Console Access:  Checking this box allows the team member to access the Cloudways Platform console.


Step 4: Set Console Access Level

Here, we can further fine-tune the console access level:

  1. Full Access: With this access level, a team member gets complete access to the console (all servers, all applications). The team member can view/update Master Credentials for all servers. Only access to the Team feature itself is unavailable.
  2. Limited Access: With this access level, you have plenty of control on what the Team member will be able to do in the console:
    • You can choose if team member will be able to add more servers, manage add-ons or manage projects.
    • You can choose which server(s) he/she will have access.
    • You can choose which servers actions/privileges (start, stop, scale, view master credentials, monitoring …) he/she will have access.
    • You can choose which application(s) he/she will have access within a server.




Once done, click on “Add Member“. The team member will automatically receive an email with an activation link and will be able to set the console access password. He/she will be able to set their own Application Credentials for the applications he/she has access to. 

Step 5: Edit team members

You can also edit or remove a previously created team member. Simply click on it and change anything needed. 


NOTE: You can disable a team member by simply changing the status from active to not active.

4 Responses

  1. HO EE LOCK says:

    Can I add another email address for sending of my invoices ?
    Please add (my accountant) for my monthly invoice if possible.

    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hi Ee Lock,

      You can add your accountant under team option with billing access so he/she can view / download invoices. But invoice notification emails only sent at primary email address.

      If you have questions, please contact our live chat support staff.

      Cloudways Team.

  2. Dan says:

    Charging VAT for online services is a problem you should have avoided for the sake of your clients. Also, you aren’t supposed to charge the VAT level of the country where the user is registered – as you’re not legally allowed to do so – but the VAT level of the country where your business is located. You’re doing it wrong.

    • admin says:

      Hi Dan,

      Cloudways is registered in Mosta, Malta so we charge VAT tax from customers residing in EU or their company is registered in Europe country in the absent of VAT number on their account’s profile.

      Your account is exclusive of tax charges as your VAT number is mentioned on your account’s profile.

      For further help, please contact our customer success team via live chat.

      Cloudways Team.

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