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How to Join Cloudways Affiliate Program (FAQs & Benefits)July 29, 2016


In this KB

  • Introduction to Affiliate Program
  • How to sign up for Affiliate Program
  • Benefits of Affiliate Program
  • FAQs on Affiliate Program


By joining our affiliate program,  you can earn $25 when any of your referral signups becomes a paying customer. Additionally, you get a 10% recurring commission from your referral’s complete invoice for a year.

Step 1: Access Account

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials. To join our affiliate program, you just need to access your Account from the Profile icon in the top menu.

Step 2: Access Your Affiliate Panel

 Click on Refer and Earn available at the left-hand sidebar, and then on Access Your Affiliate Panel.


Step 3: Refer and Earn

You would use your general affiliate link to refer customers to sign up.

Benefits of Being an Affiliate

When a referred customer upgrades his account and pays the first invoice, you will receive an initial commission of $25. The recurring commission occurs from the first invoice and is for 12 months. The commission is 10% of the overall invoice of the referred client.

You can choose to cash out once you have $250 earnings through the affiliate program.

Cloudways Affiliate Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My website is not hosted with Cloudways. Can I become an affiliate?

A: Yes, you can become an affiliate as long as you have opened an account with us. To join our affiliate program, please sign up here. You are more than welcome to launch a server and host as many sites with us at anytime.

2. How and when do I get paid for my earned commission?

A: You can request us via Live Chat or email here for the payout, once you have $250 or more earnings through the affiliate program. Your affiliate commission will be paid via PayPal.

3. If I have any issues or need assistance with my affiliate account or commissions, how do I contact you?

A: You can contact us via Live Chat as our support is available 24/7 or send an email here if you have any questions or concerns.

4. I know I referred a new customer, but I can’t find it under my affiliate. What should I do?

A: Referred customers will be displayed only when they have upgraded their account from trial to full (by authorizing payment details). If your referred customer is not showing in your Affiliate panel, their account is most likely on trial OR their first invoice is not generated as yet.

For details, you can contact our support and with the referred member’s name and email address, and we will update you on his/her status.

5. Am I required to have a paid account with Cloudways in order to become an affiliate?

A: No, you are not required to have a paid account with us and can become an affiliate as soon as you have created an account with us.

6. How much can I earn through your Affiliate Program?

A: There is no limit to the amount you can earn or the number of customers you can bring in.

7. How much can I earn from each referred customer?

A: Each referred customer will provide you sign up will earn you a commission of $25 and a recurring commission.

You will get the signup commission once the referred customer has upgraded his account and started using our service.

You will also get the recurring commission which is 10% of the overall invoice, for up to 12 months per referred account.

8. What should I do if I receive an error in the affiliate page?

A: You can contact our support or send us an email here and we will refresh the service to have it working for you.

9. Are all servers valid for the affiliate commission?

A: The initial commission ($25 signup bonus) is valid for all servers. Whereas the 10% recurring commission is applicable on the overall monthly invoice amount.

10. Why is my initial commission/sign-up bonus is showing as pending?

A: The sign-up bonus ($25) is approved when the referred customer has upgraded his account to full from trial by authorizing his billing details and launching a 1GB server or above. If the referred customer is on trial and does not upgrade his account, you will receive no commissions for that account.

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