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How to Migrate Your Prestashop Store to Cloudways From a cPanel Based HostJune 30, 2017


In this KB

  • How to create a full backup of your Prestashop store
  • How to create a full backup of your Prestashop store
  • How to edit database files
  • How to restore database backup to your Cloudways server
  • How to test the newly migrated Prestashop store
  • How to take your Prestashop store live on your Cloudways server


In this guide, we will show you how to migrate your Prestashop store to Cloudways from a cPanel based hosting provider.

Please note that these are general instructions (can vary slightly with different cPanel versions) and need some level of knowledge of the related tools to be able to complete it.

Step 1: Create a Full Backup of Your Prestashop Store via cPanel

Log into the cPanel of your old host.

To create a full backup, click on the Backups option from the first page as shown in the figure below.  


  1.     Download web files
  • Click the button Home Directory.
  • To download a copy of the backup file to your computer, click the filename under Backups Available for Download.
  • The date the backup was created appears in the filename (which begins with backup-MM-DD-YYYY). The file will be stored as a tarball (compressed data file) with the extension.tar.gz.
  1.    Downloading database
  • Now you need download a database backup. Select the MySQL Databases option and a list of databases on your account will appear. Select the database (as shown in above screenshot) that you want to save and then click it to download. The backup will be saved with a .sql extension.


Step 2: Upload Web-Files Backup to Your Cloudways Server

Find your master credentials from the Master Credentials section under the Server Management area.

Master credentials

Here we assume that you have already launched a new server in your Cloudways account and installed a clean Prestashop application on it.

  1. Open an FTP client program of your choice. We have used WinSCP in this example.
  2. Under Host Name, enter your Cloudways server IP Address.
  3. Enter port 22 under Port number.
  4. Enter the Username and Password that you find in the Cloudways Platform Application Management area (Access Detail section).
  5. Click on the Login button.
  6. It will display a warning, just Click Yes to continue.

Now we will upload the web files backup that we have on our computer (.tar.gz file) to the Cloudways server and then you need to untar your backup file.

Step 3: Edit Database Details in Your File

Under the config folder inside public_html, open the file by just double clicking it (from your preferred FTP client).

Now we need to replace the database connection details (database name, username, and password) with the correct ones.

Step 4: Restore Database Backup to Cloudways Server

Now, go back to your Cloudways Platform and under the Application Management area, click on Launch Database Manager to proceed further.

Launch database manager

Cloudways MySQL Manager will be launched. Now we need to restore the database. Click on Import.

Clouways MySQL Manager

As soon as you click on Import, a new window will appear, providing you an option to choose your Database backup file:

  1. Click on Browse.
  2. After choosing your MySQL database backup file, click on Execute.
  3. You can also click on checks to track errors during the restore process.

Clouways MySQL Manager

Step 5: Test Your Newly Migrated Prestashop

Under the Application Management area,

  1. Click on the Domain Management section.
  2. Enter your Primary Domain as shown below.
  3. Click on Save Changes.

Prestashop save changes

That’s it! We are done with your migration. Now you should test that all is fine with your site before doing the final DNS changes. You can test it locally via your host’s file.

Kindly note you will have to use your old admin credentials to access the admin area as we have overwritten the Cloudways created ones.

Once you are happy with how your site works on the new server, you can proceed to do the necessary DNS changes to take your website live from Cloudways.

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One Response

  1. Stefano says:

    Please give more details about how to untar the files, in my case, the source cpanel backup app, backup the home directory and not only the /public_html directory so when i untar the archive under cloudways /public_html/ it doesn’t work as expected, also it is better to make things more simple to specify the full commandline to tar/untar the archive.
    Thanks !

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