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How to Use Breeze with MaxCDNAugust 25, 2017


In this KB

  • Prerequisites
  • Creating a Pull Zone on MaxCDN
  • Enabling and Adding MaxCDN Pull Zone URL in Breeze


Breeze Cache plugin supports CDNs that have Pull Zone. Following steps will explain how to use MaxCDN with Breeze.


  • You must have installed, activated and configured Breeze WordPress Cache Plugin on your website. For instructions, read here.
  • You must have a valid and working MaxCDN account. Please read here for instructions on creating a Pull Zone.

Enabling CDN and Adding MaxCDN Pull Zone URL in Breeze

Log into your WordPress admin panel with your credentials. Click on Settings in the left menu bar and then on Breeze.

Breeze settings

Click on the CDN tab in Breeze settings. Here, you can enable and add MaxCDN Pull Zone URL. First, you will check the Activate CDN box to enable MaxCDN on your WordPress website. In the CDN CNAME, please type the CDN Root URL from the Pull Zone you created in which in most cases would be the CNAME. Leave the other fields as is. Click on Save Changes once you are done.


That’s it. You have now configured Breeze WordPress Cache to work with MaxCDN.

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