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My Server Is out of Inodes. How Do I Solve It ?May 6, 2015


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  • What are inodes
  • How to free up inodes for popular web apps


Inodes are pointers to files and folders on your server. The number of available inodes on a server depends on the disk size and it is limited.

Due to a number of reasons (typically too many log files, session files …) you can run out of inodes. If this happens, no new files/folders can be created and your server will malfunction.

Here we are going to explain how and where you can typically free up inodes (deleting files and folders) for our most common applications.


For Magento, most inodes are typically used with session files located inside public_html/var/sessions in your Magento application folder.

We recommend deleting files older than seven days within this folder.

Do not delete all files as this will delete current sessions and will create trouble for your store.


In the case of Drupal, you’ll find a large number of files inside the cache folder of  public_html/cache. We recommend clearing it approximately every month (you can create a cron for it).


Like Drupal, the typical location for a large number of files is the public_html/cache folder that should be cleared on regular basis. You can create a cron for this as well.


Other applications don’t have a clear location where you’ll find a lot of files. You will have to look around inside the different folders.

You can always contact our Live Chat agents or create a ticket and we will help you out the best we can.

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