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What is the Difference between Primary Domain and Additional Domains?May 13, 2016


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  • Primary vs. Additional Domains


In the Cloudways platform, the Domain Management section inside the Application Management area has two options. One is for adding the Primary Domain of your website, and the other is for Additional Domains.

Primary Domain

The primary domain is used for accessing the website that has been made live from the Cloudways server. Adding domain under this option will set the base URL / home URL  in the database for your application.

For example, if the domain for the website is then it can be added as either (root domain) or and should be pointed with A Record.

Alternatively, if the domain for the website is any sub-domain e.g. or, you can add it under Primary Domain field. It should also be pointed using A Record.

Primary domain

Additional Domains

In this option, any additional domain whether it is a sub-domain e.g. or an another domain e.g. for accessing the same website shall be added under Additional Domain option.

This option is also useful to add sub-domains if you have a multi-site (e.g. WordPress MU etc.).

Furthermore, the wildcard sub-domain e.g. * can also be added here but make sure that it points A record to the Cloudways server IP at the domain registrar.

Note that adding domain(s) under Additional Domains will not set or change the value for home URL / site URL in the database for your web application. It will only create an alias address to point to your web application.


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