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How to Integrate CloudwaysCDN with Your WordPress WebsiteOctober 10, 2017


In this KB:

  • Integrate CloudwaysCDN for Your WordPress Application
  • Verify CloudwaysCDN After Integration

We assumed that you have already activated the CloudwaysCDN for your WordPress application. If not, please visit this KB before proceeding further.

Step 1: Integrate CloudwaysCDN

On this page, you will find the Website URL and the corresponding CDN URL. To apply the CDN for your WordPress application, click the Apply button.


Once the CDN has been applied, you can then login to the backend (The Admin Panel) of your WordPress website, and check the settings in the CDN section of Breeze caching plugin. The Activate CDN option will appear as checked, and the CDN URL will be set in the CDN CNAME field.


Step 2: Verify CloudwaysCDN on WordPress

We hope, you have properly configured the CloudwaysCDN, visit respective WordPress site. Press CTRL+U and search for “StackPath” and you will find a few results. That makes sure the success of CloudwaysCDN integration.


Now you know how to install CloudwaysCDN for your WordPress application.


  • The “Application Integration” works with Breeze WordPress Cache. If want to use any other plugin, you need to copy the CDN URL from CloudwaysCDN tab and configure it in the cache plugin accordingly.
  • If the Breeze WordPress Cache plugin is not configured on your website and you initiated the Application Integration, the process will first install Breeze and configure CloudwaysCDN through it. The cache functionality of Breeze will remain disabled.
  • At the moment, CloudwaysCDN is not available for WordPress Multisite applications.
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