Which Collaboration Features are Available on the Cloudways Platform ?March 16, 2017


Are you getting help developing or maintaining your applications?. Do you need to give temporary access to a consultant to one of your servers?. Do you want to give to your customers limited SFTP access to their servers and applications?.

Cloudways offers several ways for you to get people to collaborate in your projects. In this KB, we are going to point you in the right direction, based on what do you want to achieve.

Collaborators Just Need SFTP/SSH Access to Applications

You simply want some external party to have SFTP (and SSH optionally) access to one or more applications in your servers.

In this scenario, you (the account owner) will be creating different Application Credentials for the different parties and applications that you want to give access to. You will need to send these credentials to your collaborators. Simply follow this KB to know how to create and modify the Application Credentials.


Collaborators Need Access to the Cloudways Platform Console

In this scenario, you want your collaborators to have independent logins to the Cloudways Platform (e.g. to access the Support Area, or Billing, or be able to restart services or scale servers …).

Cloudways offers and extremely powerful Team feature allowing what we have described above and more. You simply create a new Team Member, set the desired privileges he/she will have (access to console/billing/support, access to one or more servers, access to one or more apps, ability to scale servers … and many more options) and he/she will automatically receive and email to activate the console access.

Team members with access to a server and/or application, will be able to create their own set of Application Credentials (one per application) for SFTP/SSH access to it.

Read more about our Team feature here.

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