The Cloudways Platform offers two different types of credentials (Master credentials and Application credentials) that you can use to connect to your application using SSH or SFTP. By default, the Master user has SFTP and SSH access, and the application user has SFTP access only. You need to manually enable SSH access for an application user using the Cloudways Platform.


Learn how to create application credentials using the Cloudways Platform.

How to Enable SSH Access for Application Users

SSH Access — Navigate to Application Settings

Log in to the Cloudways Platform using your email address and password.

  1. From the top menu bar, open Servers.

  2. Then, choose your server where your desired application.

3. Next, click www.

4. Choose your desired application’s name.

5. Under Application Management, select Application Settings.

SSH Access — Enabling SSH Access

  1. Enable SSH Access.

2. When prompted about enabling the SSH access, click OK.

Now all the Application Credentials defined for this application will have SSH access to it, on top of the default SFTP access.

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