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How to Connect to Your Application Using SFTP or SSHJanuary 23, 2014


In this KB

  • Master and Application credentials
  • SFTP and SSH Access to your Web Application


You can use SFTP or SSH to access/update files and folders on your application. There are two types of credentials on the Cloudways Platform (Master and Application) that you can use for SFTP/SSH access.

Note: Please make sure that you set the folder permissions to 775 and file permissions to 664 when uploading/updating via SFTP to avoid issues with your application.

Step 1a: Get Master Credentials

If using Master Credentials, log into the Cloudways Platform and select your target server from the list.

Server management DO

Now under Server Management area, you can find the Master Credentials section. Please make sure to take note of the server IP, username, and password.


Step 1b: Get Application Credentials

If using Application Credentials, the account owner may have provided you the credentials already (in which case, you can proceed to the next step). If you are a Team Member, go to the Application Management area for the target application and then click on the Access Detail section. There, you can add (if not done already) or retrieve the server IP, username, and password.

application credentials

Step 2a: SFTP Access

To use SFTP, you will need an SFTP client. We have used Filezilla in this example.

Here is a list of the fields you will need to enter in your SFTP client:

  1. Host (or Host Name): Enter your server’s public IP address with SFTP as protocol (i.e. sftp://[my-server-ip-address]).
  2. Username: Insert the username you noted above.
  3. Password: Insert the password you noted above.
  4. Port: Set the port to 22.
  5. Click on Quickconnect.

Once you have entered all the required details as mentioned above, press Connect. This will connect to your server. If you are using the Master Credentials, you will need to browse to your target application folder. If you are using the Application Credentials, you will land directly in the application folder.

The most interesting sub-folders within each application folder for you are public_html (application code), private_html (where you can store private application data, read more here) and logs (where you can find application logs).


Step 2b: SSH Access

Note: Master Credentials have SSH access enabled by default. If you want to use Application Credentials for SSH access too, read here.

To use SSH, you need an SSH client. We have used Putty in this example.

Here is a list of the fields you need to enter in your SSH client:

  1. Host Name (or IP address): Format [ssh-user-name]@[server-ip OR FQDN].
  2. Port: Set the port to 22.
  3. Click on Open.

Putty Configuration

That’s it. You have learned how to use Master and Application credentials and access your application via SSH and SFTP.

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