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What is the Main Difference between Master Credentials and Application Credentials?November 27, 2015


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The Cloudways Platform offers two kinds of credentials to give access to servers and applications: Master Credentials and Application Credentials. In this article, we are going to explain their differences and how you can use them.

Master Credentials

Master credentials are the most powerful credentials on a server and give SSH and SFTP access to all applications in it. You can also use these to get remote access to the MySQL databases on the server. The account owner has access to Master Credentials for all servers in the account. He/she can also create Team Members with access to them. 

Master Credentials live in the context of servers and you can find them under the Server Management area as seen below:

Application Credentials

Application Credentials give SFTP (by default, you can enable SSH too) access to a specific application in a server. As Master Credentials, you can use them for remote MySQL access too. 

Application credentials live in the context of applications and are created from the Access Details section under the Application Management area as seen here:

Account owners can create multiple Application Credentials (e.g. for collaboration). Team members can create one set of Application Credentials for each application they have access to.

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