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What Can I Do As a Team Member?

Here’s all the team member-level access you can avail of at the Cloudways Platform. Learn how to operate team environments.

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Once you have team member access to the Cloudways Platform, you can perform different operations in your team environment. You can perform functions related to servers, applications, billing, and support depending on the level of access granted by your account owner.

What Can I Do As a Team Member

Step #1 — Activate your Team Member Access

Once the main account owner adds a new team member, the team member will receive two emails, a 'Welcome Email' and an 'Activate Your Team Member Access' email. The second email includes a link to generate a password for team member access. Simply click on the 'Click Here' option in the email to activate and generate your password.


An email address used as a “team member” is given a choice to manage multiple accounts. However, the same email address can not be used as a “parent” account. If you wish to create an account of your own, you may use a different email address to sign up directly with Cloudways. Check out some hosting providers comparison.

Step #2 — Accessing Cloudways Platform

Log in to your Cloudways Platform using your email address and password.

Server Management

If you are allowed access, you can click on Servers on the top bar to start performing different functions in the Server Management area. You can add, stop, scale, clone, or delete a server depending on allowed permissions.


Classic Interface

New Interface

Application Management

Similarly, you can access applications on any particular server by clicking the www. From there, you’ll be able to manage any section in the Application Management area that you have been given access to, such as viewing application information, managing domain, installing SSL certificates, accessing applications via SFTP/SSH, creating cron jobs, updating application settings, managing add-ons, and using migration tools.

Classic Interface

New Interface


If you have access to Billing, then all billing-related information will be visible from under your Account area.

Classic Interface

Cloudways Support

If you are allowed access to the support area, you may click Need a Hand to contact Cloudways Support via chat, create a support ticket, view Cloudways Help Center articles, and all support-related information, e.g., scope and support plan.

Classic Interface

Account Information

In the My Profile section, a team member can update his/her account, including personal details, password, and account name, by clicking on the respective fields (as shown below).

Classic Interface

New Interface


  • Team members are not granted permission to add new servers to an account. If you need new servers added, please contact the account owner.

  • If an email address is already associated with a Cloudways account (Trial or Full), it can not be used as a team member account.

  • For SFTP/SSH access, team members must generate their own credentials.

That’s it! We hope this article was helpful. If you need any help, then feel free to search your query on Cloudways Support Center or contact us via chat (Need a Hand > Send us a Message). Alternatively, you can also create a support ticket.

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