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How to Integrate Slack With CloudwaysBotAugust 17, 2016


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  • How to integrate slack with CloudwaysBot


Slack is a corporate messaging application. Integrating Slack with your CloudwaysBot can be a great way to receive critical notifications right where you and your team collaborate on important projects.

How to Integrate Slack with CloudwaysBot

You must already have an account on Cloudways Platform as well as on Slack, where your team discusses all their professional issues.

Sign in to the Slack room where you want to receive messages from CloudwaysBot. Look for the settings icon beside the search bar.

slack setting


Click on the icon and you’ll see a few options.

Click on Add an app or integration.

slack integration


You’ll be redirected to a page where you can add or integrate apps. Click on Build on the top.

slack integration cloudways


From the next screen, select the Make a Custom Integration option.

slack custom integration


Choose Incoming WebHooks from the next screen.

slack Incoming WebHooks


Choose your channel in the subsequent screen and click on Add Incoming WebHooks Integration.

Add Incoming WebHooks Integration

The following screen will show you a set of instructions to help you integrate Slack to your CloudwaysBot. Here, you simply have to copy the WebHook URL provided on the page.

WebHook URL Slack

Slack has done its job for you. Now, you need to log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials and select CloudwaysBot from the top menu icon.

Head over to the Channels panel to add the Slack channel you just created a few steps ago. Click on the Add Channel button.

Cloudways BOT Channel ADD

Select Slack from the drop-down menu.

Now recall the WebHook URL you copied from Slack.

The following screenshot is what should be on your screen now that you have followed all the steps.

Paste the URL in the URL field. Enter a name, set the status as Active, and select the events you want to receive the alerts on.


Once you have filled in all the fields, click on Save and Test channel. The process is complete.

The following screen will prompt a message telling you that you have added the channel successfully.

Go back to the Slack team room, and you’ll be greeted with this message.

Cloudwaysbot Notification

That’s it! You have learned how to integrate Slack with CloudwaysBot.

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