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Creating an A Record: DreamHostJuly 2, 2015


In this KB

  • How to create an A Record on DreamHost


Here, we explain how to create an A Record on DreamHost to point your website name to your newly created Cloudways application.

Part A (Settings at Cloudways)

This KB assumes you have gone over How do I take my website live from Cloudways and completed the part A section.

Part B (Settings at DreamHost)

Step 1: Manage Domains

Log into your DreamHost account and navigate to the Panel > Domains> Manage Domains section.

Manage domains

Step 2: Choose Domain

From the list of available domains, choose the one that you want to direct a subdomain to your new Cloudways application and click the DNS link.

Choose domain

Step 3: Add an A Record

  • Choose the name for the subdomain that you want to point to your Cloudways application (in this example www).
  • As record type choose A.
  • As a value, enter the IP address of your server running on Cloudways platform that you noted earlier. In this example, it is 188.166.XXX.31.
  • Click the Add Record Now button to apply the changes.

DreamHost DNS Settings


That’s it! You may need to wait a while before this change propagates across the internet and visitors start hitting your new Cloudways site.

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