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Which WordPress Cache Plugin Should I Use?
Which WordPress Cache Plugin Should I Use?

This KB talks about the best WordPress cache plugins and differentiates some features based on performance.

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WordPress websites are dynamic and have to handle multiple requests at the same time. This puts a significant load on the server resources and affects website performance. Cache plugins help with optimizing resource usage. The benefits of these plugins include faster load times, low resource usage, and enhanced user experience.

This KB gives you a brief overview of three of the most popular Cloudways-supported WordPress cache plugins that you can deploy on your WordPress website(s).

WordPress Cache Plugins

Breeze – WordPress Cache (Cloudways-recommended)

  • This cache plugin was developed by Cloudways itself based on customer feedback.

  • It is tested to be fully compatible with Cloudways Stack and supports database optimization, Varnish Cache, minification, internal caching, and CDN integration.

  • Easy to configure and receives regular updates.

  • While WP Rocket is quite popular, it is a paid plugin as opposed to the other options in this KB.

  • It is compatible with Cloudways Stack.

  • It gets periodical updates from the plugin maintenance team.

  • While this is a highly rated and popular free cache plugin, the configuration could be a challenge for novice users.

  • Only paid plugin support options are available.

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