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How Do I Add Funds to My Account?January 28, 2015


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  • How to add funds

Add funds to your Cloudways account and forget about payment issues!

Now you can easily add funds to your account (via credit card or PayPal) that will be used to automatically pay for future invoices, avoiding unforeseen credit card issues (not enough credit, payment blocked by the bank …) that could lead to service disruption.

Following steps will explain how you can upload funds to your Cloudways account in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Go to Account

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials.  Click on the profile icon located on the top-right bar and select Account. 

Account Select

Step 2: Adding Funds

Now, click on the Funds section and select Add Funds.


Simply choose a custom amount and choose a payment method (Credit Card or Paypal). Click on Add Funds.

Step 3: Funds Successfully Added

Whatever method you have used, once the transaction is complete a confirmation message pops up. Additionally, a confirmation email is also sent to the account owner. 

As explained, monthly invoices are automatically deducted from the available funds. If there are not enough funds to pay for a given invoice, the outstanding amount (after deducting available funds) will be automatically charged from the linked credit card.
Funds Successfully Added

That’s it! You have learned to successfully add funds to your Cloudways account.

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6 Responses

  1. Dhawal Damania says:


    You gave me a $200 credit and I’ve got an invoice #43515, would you use my card to deduct the money or it will deduct from the credit?

    • Cloudways says:

      If invoice under $200, only funds will be used. If over $200, all funds will be used and rest will be charged to CC.

      Cloudways Team

  2. Gissa says:

    if i have add fund for 2 months lets say 30 USD and remove my credit card , is that acceptable ?

    • Cloudways says:

      No, CC will remain in file and be used when funds are depleted or to complement funds when paying an invoice if not enough funds available (available funds will be used and remaining will be charged to CC).

      Cloudways Team

  3. Nicholas Garofalo says:

    Are the discounts mentioned at still available?

    • Cloudways says:

      No Nicholas, they were removed a while ago. We are working on a new discount option via funds based on commitment (pay 12 month in advance -based on current spending- and get some extra free credit).

      I am getting the blog post updated.

      Cloudways Team

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