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How to Request a Managed Application Migration to CloudwaysOctober 23, 2014


In this KB

  • Information about two types of app migrations
  • How to order managed app migration via Cloudways


As you know, with each Cloudways account, we offer one managed free migration so you can get up & running quickly and smoothly. Surely you can perform as many additional migrations as you want. If you would rather have us taking care of it, you can order more managed migrations.

No matter whether it is free or paid, the process to order a managed migration is the same and we have outlined it here.

Note:  You can use the WordPress migrator plugin to migrate your WordPress / WooCommerce website to WordPress. Read here for more information regarding the migration plugin.

Step 1: Add the Target Application to a Server

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials. Once you are logged in, you need to deploy a clean install of your target application (i.e. if you want us to migrate a WordPress site, then deploy on a new or existing server a new WordPress application):

  1. If you want the migration to be done on an existing server then follow this KB to add an application, follow this KB.
  1. If you want to launch the application on a new server, then you first need to start a new server and then initiate the target application on it. You can check the process here.

If you have already installed a fresh WordPress application on your server, then you can skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Go to Add-Ons

Click the Grid icon from the top menu bar and then select Add-Ons.


Step 3: Subscribe to Application Migration Add-On

From the list, click the edit icon next to Application Migration option.

migration add-on

Select desired application you want to migrate and click on the I Want to Migrate button.

application migration

A new ticket will be issued on your behalf with title Cloudways Application Pre-Migration Information. Please provide all information requested on the ticket.

Once we have this information, Cloudways evaluates the migration process and coordinates with you, via our ticketing system, to complete the necessary steps.

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