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How to Setup DigitalOcean Block StorageJanuary 3, 2018


In this KB:

  • What is Block Storage?
  • Important things to remember
  • Attach Block Storage to your DigitalOcean server
  • Detach Block Storage from your DigitalOcean server


This KB will first describe Block Storage and then go into the details of attaching and detaching Block Storage from your DigitalOcean server.

What is Block Storage?

Block Storage is additional storage option for your DigitalOcean server. It is a great option for extending the storage capability of DigitalOcean servers changing other server parameters.

Important Things to Remember

  • At the moment, Block Storage is available only at San Francisco, New York, Bangalore, London, Toronto, Singapore, and Frankfurt.
  • For San Francisco and New York, Block Storage is available on servers created after Dec 22, 2017. Users who have created servers before this date may use Clone or Create new servers to avail Block Storage.
  • Once Block Storage has been attached, all the application web files and databases will be stored on the Block Storage. The user(s) will not be able to use the default server disk space for storing these files.
  • Block Storage could not be down-scaled because of DigitalOcean’s technical restrictions and data storage requirements.
  • If you are unable to access the Block Storage tab or you see a message about the unavailability of the Block Storage, the likely cause is the technical restrictions from DigitalOcean.
  • Block Storage will be charged at $0.1/ GB per month.

Block Storage Use Case

Block storage is a great way of increasing the available data storage space without paying for a higher server size. A common scenario is when the user only requires additional storage space for application(s). In such cases, Block Storage offers a much better alternative to upgrading server and paying for CPU and RAM resources that might go unused.

Step 1: Select Server

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials. Click on Servers in the top menu bar. Then, click on your target DigitalOcean server from the list where you need to attach Block Storage.

Step 2: Attach Block Storage to DigitalOcean Servers

In the Vertical Scaling tab, click the “Block Storage”.

You will see the checkbox labeled “Attach Block Storage”. When you check the box, a slider would be enabled.

Select the size of the Block Storage you wish for your server. Note that you can see the cost of using the server and Block Storage at the bottom of the screen.

Click the Attach Now button. You will see a warning popup message, Click on the OK button to initiate the process.



Detach Block Storage from DigitalOcean servers

Block Storage could not be directly detached from the server. You need to clone your server and the data would be copied to your main server disk space.

Note: In order for the operation to succeed, you need to have enough disk space to store all the application(s) data. This means that during the server cloning process, you need to select the right server specifications to have enough disk space for your application(s) data.

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