How to Create a Support TicketFebruary 22, 2017


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  • How to access Help & Support Center
  • How to submit a support ticket¬†

Step 1: Log into Cloudways

Go to and log in with your account credentials.

Cloudways Login

Step 2: Open Help and Support Center

Before creating a ticket, note that for most of the queries, CloudwaysBot is always there to assist you. In case CloudwaysBot is unable to assist, you can create a ticket.

After logging into the Cloudways console, click on the question mark (?) at the top right of the screen. A small window will open. Click the Create Ticket button.

Note: Only customers with full accounts can submit a ticket. Trial customers need to upgrade their accounts to enable this feature.

Cloudways Support Center

Step 3: Submit a Ticket

You will see the Submit a request form. Fill all the fields of the form and then click the Submit button to create the ticket.

Cloudways team will now take care of your query and will update you on the ticket as per our SLA.

Cloudways Submit a Request Form


Once the ticket is submitted, you will receive a notification at your account’s primary email address.

Please note that, if you are a team member then make sure to mention your email address in the message so that you can get notified too.

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