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How to Set Up Sucuri Antivirus on Cloudways

A comprehensive guide on how to set up Sucuri Antivirus on Cloudways.

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Important Notice

Please note that the information in this article regarding Sucuri is outdated. We now recommend using Malware Protection for enhanced website security.

Malware Protection is a comprehensive solution designed to protect your websites from evolving cyber threats. Seamlessly integrated into the Cloudways platform, it offers real-time malware scanning, proactive defense mechanisms, automated cleanup, and a user-friendly interface. To ensure the security of your websites, we encourage you to explore and activate Malware Protection within your Cloudways account.

Sucuri is a very well-known security provider for the most popular CMSs (WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc.). They offer an antivirus (monitoring service), malware removal tool, and a website firewall service (hack attempts blocking, DDoS protection, etc.). All this makes it a perfect match for Cloudways customers.

We have partnered with Sucuri so you can secure your site at a discounted price:

Antivirus + Firewall Basic — $119.99/year -40% off Sucuri price (you pay $199.99 to Sucuri, and we give you $80 as Cloudways credit)

Antivirus + Firewall Pro — $179.99/year -40% off Sucuri price (you pay $299.99 to Sucuri, and we give you $120 as Cloudways credit)

Antivirus + Firewall Business — $299.99/year -40% off Sucuri price (you pay $499.99 to Sucuri, and we give you $200 as Cloudways credit)


This promotion is valid for one site for each Cloudways customer.

The following steps will explain how you can set up the Sucuri Antivirus.

How to Set Up Sucuri Antivirus on Cloudways

Step 1: Get the Domain Name to Protect

This is something you may already know, but you need to have the full domain name that you want to protect (i.e.,

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials. Click on Applications in the top menu bar and select your desired application.

Classic Interface

New Interface

Once selected, you will be directed to the Application Management area. Check your Primary domain information, in the Domain Management section, to use it to set up Sucuri Antivirus.

Classic Interface

New Interface

Step 2: Buy Sucuri Subscription

Create a new Sucuri account, choosing the plan level most suitable for your needs. Please click here to purchase the subscription (crucial for us to be able to give you the associated Cloudways credits).

Step 3: Navigate to Website Monitoring

Login to your new Sucuri account and navigate to Website Monitoring.

Step 4: Add Your Site

Now add your site (full domain name) to website monitoring located on the left sidebar.

Step 5: Order Malware Clean Up (Optional)

Now if your site has already been compromised (and you are setting up Sucuri due to an abuse report, website defacement, or similar), you can immediately order a malware cleanup. Simply click on Yes.

Step 6: Malware Removal Request (Optional)

Fill the form with the required data. In the example below, we are using master credentials. You could use application credentials all the same (but then specify SFTP instead of SSH as connection type).

Step 7: Website Settings

Now to further configure the antivirus and set up the Server Side Scanner. First, click on the Settings icon.

Step 8: Server Side Scanner Configuration

Scroll down to the Server Side Scanner section and click on the Enable Manually tab. Follow the instructions there (basically, upload a PHP file to the webroot of your application). Once done, click on Verify File and Enable.

That should be it. Now your site is closely monitored by Sucuri for any security issues and, if it is hacked hopefully, Sucuri people are already working on cleaning it.

Next, you can enable the Website Firewall (WAF) that provides another layer of security in front of your application, filtering all traffic to your site and automatically blocking hacking attempts and DDoS attacks.

Important Note

  • To get the extra Cloudways credit, just get in touch with the support team. Once you have activated your Sucuri account, provide the email that you used to register with Sucuri (and your Cloudways registration email if different), and the credits are directly added to your account funds so you can use them against your future Cloudways invoices.

That’s it! We hope this article was helpful. If you need any help, then feel free to search your query on Cloudways Support Center or contact us via chat (Need a Hand > Send us a Message). Alternatively, you can also create a support ticket.

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