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How to Launch a New Application on a New ServerJanuary 23, 2014


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  • Launching a fresh application on a new server


You can easily launch a fresh application on a new server by following the steps listed below. (If you are looking o install a new application on an existing server, you can click here.)

Step 1: Launch a New Server

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials. Click on Servers in the top menu bar and then click on Add Server.

Add server

Step 2: Select Your Desired Application

You can select your desired application from our vast pool of applications.

Application select

Step 3: Select Cloud Provider and Server Size

  • Now, you can pick one of the following cloud providers.
  • Select server size as per your requirements. You can view the details of the server by hovering over each size. If you want a server size which is not available here, then click on Let’s Talk.

New Server Select Server size

Step 4: Selecting the Bandwidth

Bandwidth can either be expanded by editing so as to drag the pointer or the worth in the crate. Please note that bandwidth usage is based on the pay as you go pricing model.


Step 5: Selecting Storage Size of Application and Database

Select your disk sizes for the Application web files and Database.

Storage select

Step 6: Selecting Server Location

Select your desired server location from the drop down menu.In this case, USA -Iowa is selected as shown below.


Step 7: Launch the Server

Lastly, review your monthly estimated cost and click on Launch Now to get started. Your desired app deploys in the next few minutes.

New Server Select Launch server

That’s it. You have now learned how to launch a fresh application on a new server.

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