How to Resolve “WordPress Asking for FTP Credentials” ErrorNovember 24, 2016


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  • Launching SSH terminal
  • Navigate to wp-config.php File
  • Fixing WordPress FTP credentials error


In this entry, you will learn how to fix the error where WordPress asks for FTP credentials. A sample of the error is shown in the screenshot below:

WP Plugin

The error usually occurs when “define(‘FS_METHOD’,’direct’);” in “wp-config.php” is missing. This function allows the current user to edit or install files in your folder. Here is how you can remedy this issue:

Step 1: Go to Server Management

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials. Click on Servers in the top menu bar and then select your target server from the list.

Server Management

Step 2: Launch SSH Terminal

Now, click Launch SSH Terminal button inside the Master Credentials tab. You can also connect your server using SSH client (PuTTy).

Launch SSH Terminal

Step 3: Navigate to wp-config.php File

Type the following command to edit the wp-config.php file:

Now, press i to start editing the file and paste the following code:


After pasting the code, press the ESC key and type :wq! to save and exit the file.

That’s it. You should no longer be able to receive the WordPress FTP credentials error.

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