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Reindexing Magento Data via a Cron JobFebruary 20, 2016


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  • What are cron jobs?
  • Magento indexer cron explanation and example


In the Linux OS environment, scheduled tasks are known as Cron. Executed tasks via cron are known as cron jobs. Since Cloudways offers Debian, a Linux-based OS for its LAMP stack, cron jobs are deployable on our servers.

In Magento, indexer crons are very helpful in order to ensure optimization of your Magento store.

We have composed a very useful guide on Cron Jobs related to scheduling and running tasks (cron jobs) automatically with the help of the cron command.

Reindexing Magento Data via a Cron Job

Please find below an example of Magento indexer cron

0 6 * * * php -f /shell/indexer.php reindexall

Using Magento Indexer cron, you can clear its cache and reindex other session files of Magento.

Sometimes the catalog and other prices are updated from the backend, but they don’t get updated on the frontend.

In such cases, you need to clear Magento’s var/cache but it is tedious to clear it each and every time. So, the reindex cron of Magento can be used to clear cache automatically, resulting in ease and convenience.

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