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Creating an A Record: NamecheapJuly 2, 2015


In this KB

  • Namecheap settings configuration
  • Mapping domain to Cloudways from Namecheap


This is a brief guide on editing/creating DNS records in your Namecheap account for pointing the registered domain(s) to the application(s) hosted on your Cloudways server.

Part A (Settings at Cloudways)

We assume that you already have added the domain(s) to your newly deployed web application(s) on your server at Cloudways. If not, then have a detailed look at this KB and complete Part A section before proceeding further.  

Part B (Settings at Namecheap)

Log into your account and then go to Domain List.

NameCheap DNS Settings


Choose the domain that you want to direct a subdomain to your new Cloudways application and then:

  • Click on Add New Record.
  • As record type choose A Record.
  • Choose the Host name for the subdomain that you want to point to your Cloudways application (in this example www).
  • As a value, enter the IP address of your server that you noted earlier. In this example, it is 188.166.XXX.31.
  • Finally, click the check icon to apply the changes.


That’s it! You may need to wait for a while (depending on the value of TTL you chose for the domain) before this change propagates across the internet and visitors start hitting your new Cloudways site.

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8 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Hi guys… I am looking for a great server company in Asia.. I am starting up a string of e shops in Seasia. .. These will be WP and Woo based to start,.. The market growth here is Huge and untapped… But I do need fast hosting… I have offices in Bangkok.. but the work will come from the whole of Seasia… are you my Team !!! Let me know… Cheers Steve

  2. Tomek says:

    Rollback is not working as expected. Server is down after this procedure, reset server is not working. Cloudways team should re-thing this “cache-too-much” thinking

  3. Graziano Ferrero says:

    Thanks for these infos.
    I’ve only a question:
    Have you in mind to add a Varnish white list setting or VCLs in future?

    Thanks again,
    Have a Nice Day,

  4. saifulazfar says:

    Hi…i’m still on trial of digital ocean…i still cant get through connect application folder by sftp…i can ftp to server by ip but not for each application folder..i create wordpress before and the folder can be seen through by ftp to server…but not my seconde php stack application…im still newbie regularly use cpanel before…

    • admin says:

      Hi Saif,

      There is no issue even if you are newbie here. Seems like your problem has been sorted by now and in case it is not then feel free to contact us via live chat or create a ticket and our customer success team will help you out.

  5. Vyse says:

    I think you need to update this since namecheap updated their user interface long ago.

  6. KK says:

    this is outdated kindly update with newer version UI

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