What Can I Do in the Manage Services Section?

In the Server Management area (Servers menu, then choose a server), you will find the Manage Services section. From there, you can control several important services for your application (Apache, Nginx, MySQL …).

How to Start or Stop Services

To start any service, click on the Start button.

To stop any service, click on the Stop button.

To restart any service, click on the Restart button.

After restarting, you will be notified about the status.

How to Purge or Disable Varnish

To start the Varnish service, click on the Enable button.

To stop the Varnish service, click on the Disable button.

To purge the Varnish cache from the server (i.e. if you have done some changes that you want to check immediately), click on the Purge button.

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