In this KB article, you will learn about setting the FROM address, also known as Default Email Sender address, using the Cloudways Platform.

FROM Address

A name or title that is recognizable to your users, subscribers, or customers when you send an email. It can be a company name, any individual name, or perhaps the product or service opted by people. Moreover, it is an excellent approach to use a company or brand name over a person’s name unless that person is the brand. For instance:

Setting up the FROM Address

You can set the FROM address (Default Email Sender address) for outgoing emails of your application by following these steps.

FROM Address — Navigate to Application Settings

Log in to your Cloudways Platform using your credentials.

  1. From the top menu bar, open Servers.

  2. Then, choose the server where your desired application is deployed.

3. Next, click www.

4. Choose your application’s name.

5. Under Application Management, select Application Settings.

FROM Address — Updating FROM Address

  1. Here, edit Default Email Sender.

  2. Finally, click Save.

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