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Frequently Asked Questions About Cloudways Autonomous
Frequently Asked Questions About Cloudways Autonomous
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Applicable to: Cloudways Autonomous only.

FAQs About Cloudways Autonomous


  1. How does Autoscaling work?

    Autoscaling on Cloudways Autonomous, powered by Kubernetes, adjusts pod numbers based on traffic changes. It ensures optimal resource allocation for consistent performance while you focus on your business.

  2. How does Cloudways Autonomous Billing work?

    Cloudways Autonomous operates on a plan-based system with hourly billing. Each plan offers specific allocations for Sites, Visits, Bandwidth & Disk Space, with overage charges for additional usage. Upgrading, downgrading, or deactivating a plan is simple and reflects in billing immediately. You're only charged for the plan you're subscribed to, and billing stops upon deactivation. Learn more in our knowledgebase article.

  3. What happens when I reach my plan limit?

    Your website remains active, but you'll incur a small fee for exceeding resources.

  4. Can I get more resources if I upgrade my current plan?

    No, upgrading a plan doesn't increase resources, only quota for applications, disk space, bandwidth, and visits will be increased.

  5. What are the top features of Cloudways Autonomous?

    All Plans Include:

    • Cloudflare Enterprise

    • Object Cache Pro

    • Backup and Restore

    • High Availability

    • Load Balancing

    • Autoscaling

    • Multiple PHP Versions

    • Unlimited PHP Workers

  6. Does Cloudways offer free migration?

    Yes, Cloudways provides managed migrations, including one free migration. Additionally, you can opt for our free migrator plugin to migrate your site to Cloudways Autonomous.

Stack & Applications

  1. What type of applications can I deploy on Cloudways Autonomous?

    Cloudways Autonomous currently supports the deployment of WordPress and WooCommerce applications exclusively.

  2. Is WordPress Multisite supported on Autonomous?

    No, WordPress Multisite functionality is not supported on Cloudways Autonomous at the moment.

  3. Can I modify my default WP Admin credentials?

    No, the default WP Admin credentials cannot be modified.

  4. What is the minimum number of pods allocated to an application?

    At a minimum, two pods are allocated to an application, which can increase based on demand.

  5. Can I add a subdomain in Autonomous?

    Subdomains are supported as long as they are added as primary domains. However, if there is a need for multiple aliases (multi-domains), this may not be feasible. For instance, if you desire as the primary domain and wish to add another subdomain to the same website, this configuration is not supported.

  6. Can I have different PHP versions for different applications?

    Absolutely, you have the flexibility to use different PHP versions for each application as needed.

  7. What PHP Settings can I modify in Autonomous?

    In Autonomous, you can adjust the PHP Version and Settings, such as Memory Limit, Execution Time, Max Input Time, Post Max Size, Max Upload Size, Max Input Variables, and Timezone.

  8. Can I create cron jobs on Autonomous?

    No, currently, we don't offer the option to create cron jobs.

  9. Can I request customization in the Cloudways Autonomous stack?

    Unfortunately, customizing Cloudways Autonomous's default core stack is not feasible. However, you can adjust PHP Settings for your applications accordingly.


  1. Do I get a dashboard or control panel for Cloudflare Enterprise in Autonomous?

    As part of our fully managed experience, Cloudflare Enterprise does not include a separate dashboard or control panel.

  2. How does Cloudways Autonomous Caching Work?

    Cloudflare CDN caches static content for quick delivery, while Cloudflare's Edge caching stores web pages at the edge. Database queries are cached using Object Cache Pro, enhancing performance.

  3. Can I bypass Cloudflare for my application?

    No, bypassing Cloudflare for your application is not recommended. Cloudflare provides essential security and performance benefits by acting as a shield between your website and potential threats, such as DDoS attacks and malicious traffic. Additionally, Cloudflare offers content caching and other optimization features that enhance the speed and reliability of your website. Bypassing Cloudflare may expose your application to security vulnerabilities and could impact its performance and reliability.

  4. Can I request customizations in Cloudflare Enterprise?

    No, Cloudflare Enterprise does not support customizations for individual users. Cloudflare offers a standardized set of features and configurations tailored to meet the needs of enterprise-level customers. These features are carefully designed and optimized to provide top-notch security, performance, and reliability for your web applications. While Cloudflare Enterprise offers robust customization options for enterprise-level configurations, these customizations are typically managed and implemented by Cloudflare's team of experts in collaboration with the enterprise client. Therefore, individual users do not have the capability to request or implement customizations directly within the Cloudflare Enterprise environment.

That’s it! We hope this article was helpful. If you need any help, then feel free to search your query on Cloudways Support Center or contact us via chat (Need a Hand > Send us a Message). Alternatively, you can also create a support ticket.

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