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How to Activate Rackspace Email Add-onJune 10, 2017


In this KB

  • Subscribing to Rackspace Mailboxes
  • Activating Rackspace Email Add-on


If you need mailboxes for your domain (e.g., we have partnered with Rackspace to offer their reliable Rackspace Email service. For just $1/month per mailbox you will receive a fully featured email experience that you can trust which will be managed by Cloudways.

Step 1: Go to Add-ons

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials. Click on the Grid icon in the top menu bar. Then select Add-Ons.


Step 2: Add Rackspace Email Mailboxes

Select the Rackspace Email add-on from the list and update the subscriptions by clicking the Edit icon.

rackspace add-on

Click add more emails option and add the email address in the mailbox field. You can add more mailboxes as per your need by clicking the same button. If you want to mention any additional information, enter it in the Notes field. Click Subscribe when done.

rackspace add-on


Step 3: Rackspace Email Add-on Activation

You will receive a message confirming the add-on activation.


This add-on is manually activated. Once you have subscribed, the status for the add-on changes to Pending, while our team goes over it. Further coordination to complete the activation process (specific mailboxes per domain …) will happen via our ticketing system (ticket will be created automatically).

rackspace pending


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9 Responses

  1. Bob Richardson says:

    I’m not sure who is in charge of Cloudways documentation, but he/she is definitely a minimalist. It would be nice if Cloudways offered more information on what is included with Rackspace add-on and if it differs from just going directly to Rackspace. For $1/mo am I getting the same services/features as Rackspace direct who charges $2? Do I deal directly with Rackspace for support? If I set up a client application on Cloudways, can I set up a separate Rackspace account for that client?

    I can’t believe I am the only one that has questions. This page would be the best page to provide answers. Am I the only one frustrated with Cloudways lack of documentation??

  2. Dale Reardon says:

    I have several email boxes direct with Rackspace already. Can I transfer them over to your system so I get benefit of cheaper prices?

    • Cloudways says:

      Hi Dale,

      You will have to check this with Rackspace. Not something we have done in the past for any customer.

      Cloudways Team

  3. Mark says:

    @Bob This should help.

    CloudWays offers the same RackSpace email accounts, so they definitely have the same features as you see on that page. It’s just that CloudWays pays RackSpace in bulk, so they are able to resell the emails to use for $1 cheaper.

  4. MUKUL P says:

    Hi, I’m having a customized email ID on godaddy right now. As I m moving to sloudways I want to use the same email account backed up here. IS it possible?

  5. Guust says:

    Be aware that the Rackspace addon does not work if you want to send emails using WordPress using the same domain as your wordpress application.

    • Chris says:

      Any more details on this? No point hosting WordPress on a server that cannot send email from WordPress.

      • Cloudways says:

        Hi Chris/Guust,

        Rackspace add-on is just a webmail service (like Gmail) to send/receive emails for your domain. Whereas, if you want to enable your web application to send emails (e.g. order confirmation etc.) to your subscribers, you need to enable SMTP add-on (free/your own or Elastic Email) on your server.

        You can find more information on our support KB here.

        If you are facing any issues, please contact our live chat support and we will be glad to assist you.

        Cloudways Team.

  6. Steven Carmichael says:

    cloudways im failing to think they are good

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