How to backup my serverFebruary 13, 2014


This KB will guide you on how you can make a backup of all the applications on your server. 

Step 1: Go to Server Management

  • Tap on “Servers” on the top menu bar. Now, select the target server to backup.



Step 2: Setting up automatic backups

  1. Click on “Backups”.
  2. Here you can set the backup frequency (from 1h to every 7 days).  A frequency of 1 hour means that a backup of all applications on your server will be taken every hour. Whereas, a frequency of 7 days means that a backup will be taken every seven days (so one backup weekly). Backups are incremental (so meaning only differences from last full backup are stored), in any case, higher frequency backups will imply higher backup costs
  3. Here you can set the Backup retention (from 1 week to 4 weeks). This determines how long the backups are stored and are available to use.
  4. Click on “Save Changes” once done.


Step 3: Take an on demand backup

You have the option to take a backup on demand (e.g. just before an important change in an application on your server). Just click on “Take Server Backup Now”.


Step 4: Track backup progress

After clicking Take Server backup Now, you will be able to follow the backup progress.

Track Backup Progress

Until you will get a message stating that the backup has been successfully completed.  

Backup settings have been saved.

To restore your backup, check this KB.

Note about backup retention

Number of backups retained depend on the backup frequency that you have set:

  • If you have set the frequency to daily (default) and retention for 1 week, we will keep eight backups (one per day for the last eight days).
  • If you have set the frequency to seven days (weekly) and retention for 1 week, we will keep just one backup.
  • If you have set the frequency to daily (default), and backup retention to 2 weeks, we will keep fifteen backups (one per day for the last fifteen days).
  • If you have set the frequency to seven days (weekly), and backup retention to 4 weeks, we will keep just four backups.


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  1. Jeff Mellin says:

    It would be helpful to also be able to set the time-of-day that the backup would process. That way we could schedule after midnight when traffic to our site is low and the backup processing demand wont jeopardize speed.

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