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How to Install PHPMyAdmin on CloudwaysSeptember 26, 2016


In this KB

  • Navigate to public_html folder of PHPStack application
  • Downloading PHPMyAdmin in public_html
  • Configuring PHPStack application


It’s recommended to launch a separate PHPStack application for PHPMyAdmin installation on that server.

Following are the steps required to install PHPMyAdmin:

Step 1: Navigate to public_html Folder of PHPStack Application

Navigate to the public_html folder of the PHPStack application with this command:


(where foldername is the name of your PHPStack application)

Step 2: Download PHPMyAdmin in that folder.

Enter command:

Step 3: Unzip folder

Enter command:

Step 4: Rename folder to PHPMyAdmin

First, enter the following command:

Now locate to this folder from the browser to use PHPMyAdmin.

For example

Important Notes:

  • If you need to access databases on a different server using PHPMyAdmin, you need to install PHPMyAdmin on that server too.
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