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Which Base Packages are Deployed With a Cloudways Server?May 24, 2016


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  • Overview of packages deployed with a Cloudways server


With our 1-click server deployments, each server comes with various default packages and extensions in order to provide the perfect balance between performance and stability for your web applications.

This knowledge base article provides a list of the most common packages present in a default installation.

Nginx 1.8.x is installed as part of our default web stack installation. It is used to serve static cache and listens on port numbers, 80 and 443.

The deployed Varnish version is 4.0.x. It is an open source HTTP accelerator that is used to cache both static and dynamic contents. It works between Nginx and Apache.

Apache is a widely used HTTP server and is known for its stability. The installed version is Apache 2.4 for Debian 8 servers.

The installed Memcached version is 1.4.x. Memcached is a caching system that is used to speed up dynamic web applications by storing data in server’s memory for a limited time to ease the load on the database.

Apache Modules
Most of the default modules are available on the servers. The modules that are not enabled by default are usually not required. If there is a need for any particular module, then you can contact our support to check the possibility of enabling it.

Below is the list of most commonly used Apache modules:

Database Choices (MySQL and MariaDB)

You will have MySQL 5.5 as the default database. But, you can choose MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB 5.5, MariaDB 10 according to your requirements.

PHP 5.6 and 7.0

PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 are supported on all servers. You will get PHP 7.0 by default.

A large number of PHP modules are installed according to selected PHP version.

For PHP 5.6 users, the following extensions are available:

For PHP 7.0 users, the following extensions are available:

Additional Modules / Extensions

Apart from the standard modules, the following extensions are also installed:

Git supported (Only Pull from console): Git version 2.1.x


Cloudways API

Composer version 1.1/1.2-dev

New Relic (Lite) Version  6.2.0.x (If enabled from Console on the server)

Drush version 8.0.x

Redis version 3.0.x

ElasticSearch 2.4x and 1.7.x

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