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Why Can’t I Have Root Access to My Server?September 19, 2014


In this KB

  • A brief explanation of the Cloudways server operations
  • Why Cloudways policy doesn’t allow root access
  • How Cloudways lets you sidestep root requirement for certain server setting changes


We understand the frustration that some customers face because of being unable to have root access to their servers. With no access, they are unable to deploy new software packages to the server, change system configuration and so on.

What we would like to point out here is that Cloudways is a platform and not an isolated set of servers. Cloudways is a full network of inter-connected servers centrally orchestrated and managed. This is one of the major reasons for the success of Cloudways. We believe it is the only way we can reach the scale we have in mind, in a sustainable way.

To achieve this objective, and to get the level of control we have over thousands of servers that we can manage as one, we deploy some tools and services across our server farm. These tools and services make up the neural system of our distributed network and without them, or if they were malfunctioning, it would be impossible for us to deliver our service.

So, it follows the answer to the main question. We can not give root access to your servers, as there is no way we can be sure that you will not break any of the tools and services that are core to our platform. Allowing direct root access would endanger the way we operate and the way we serve you.

However, we are aware that there are some common settings and parameters that people usually change on their servers. For this, we have the Server Settings section, under Server Management area. See the image below:

Here you can control Execution Time, Upload Size, Memory Limit, Timezone, etc., that would require root access to change.

We can easily add new parameters/settings that you can control, so please give your suggestions here.

We understand that this is no replacement for root access, but it is a very good alternative and certainly a much higher level of control than what you can find on other platforms.

We are also working on additional methods to allow server customization, so stay tuned.


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