How to Recover a Deleted Rackspace Email Mailbox

Learn the straightforward steps to recover your deleted Rackspace email mailbox effortlessly. Your guide to hassle-free email restoration.

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In this guide, we'll walk you through the straightforward process of recovering a deleted Rackspace Email mailbox within the last 14 days.

If you've accidentally deleted your mailbox, fear not – our step-by-step instructions will show you how to quickly restore it and ensure your crucial emails are back in your possession.

Important Notes To Remember

  • Only users with a full account can use this feature.

  • This feature is available on both classic and new interfaces.

  • You can only retrieve mailbox contents for any mailbox deleted within the last 14 days.

  • The recovery prompt will only appear while adding a new mailbox.

  • The feature allows simultaneous recovery of multiple mailboxes to save time.

  • You will get comprehensive recovery of your mailbox settings and its contents (inbox, outbox, drafts, sent, etc.,).

  • You will not have the ability to restore content from any point in time.

  • Recovery is limited to mailboxes that already have at least one mailbox active with the same domain name. If you just had one mailbox and you deleted it, you can not recover it.

How to Recover a Deleted Rackspace Email Mailbox

Here's how you can recover a deleted Rackspace email mailbox by following these steps:

Step #1 — Navigate to Rackspace Add-on

Log in to your Cloudways Platform using your email address and password.

  1. From the top menu bar, click Grid.

  2. Then, select Add-ons.

    Classic Interface

    New Interface

Step #2 — Recover the Mailbox

To restore your Rackspace Email mailbox, simply generate a new one utilizing the same username (email address) as the one recently deleted. An option will come up, prompting whether you want to recover a mailbox from the Rackspace system's backup.

  1. Click the Edit icon to start activating the Rackspace Email add-on.

    Classic Interface

    New Interface

  2. Enter the same email address which you want to recover.

  3. Enter your password. You can use the same password as before and type in a new one.

  4. Next, click Save Changes.


    You can recover multiple mailboxes simultaneously by clicking + Add Mailbox.

    Classic Interface

    New Interface

  5. Next, a pop will appear prompting you to confirm whether you want to recover the older mailbox contents. You can select the mailbox and click Restore. If you skip it, you will never be able to recover the same mailbox in the future as it deletes the backup too.


  • If you have deleted your mailbox DNS records, you will need to configure them again. If you want to add DKIM records, don't hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or create a support ticket, and we will gladly assist you.

  • If you have subscribed to the DNS Made Easy add-on, you can review this article to add the necessary DNS records.

That’s it! We hope this article was helpful. If you need any help, then feel free to search your query on Cloudways Support Center or contact us via chat (Need a Hand > Send us a Message). Alternatively, you can also create a support ticket.


What will be recovered?
Mailbox recovery includes all items, such as emails from inbox trash, drafts, sent, spam, contacts, calendar invites, tasks, and notes.

What happens when attempting to recover a mailbox with an unassociated domain?

Recovery is not possible if there isn't another mailbox with the same domain (e.g., already available.

Can a Trial user recover a mailbox?

No, trial users do not have the capability to recover a mailbox. Only users with a full account can use this feature.

What happens if a user adds multiple mailboxes that are pending validation?

If mailboxes are pending validation, they will be created as new mailboxes.

Will Alias and Mail Forwarding settings be retained during mailbox recovery?

Unfortunately, no. Alias and mail forwarding settings applied within the mailbox settings will not be retained during the recovery process.

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