How to Manage Your Databases Using Mysql WorkbenchFebruary 13, 2014


In this KB:

  • What is MySQL Workbench
  • How to connect MySQL Workbench with your Cloudways server
  • How to manage and edit your database with MySQL Workbench


MySQL Workbench is a unified visual tool for database management. It provides data modeling, SQL development, and comprehensive administration tools for server configuration and user administration. MySQL Workbench is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

We recommend using it instead of our Cloudways Mysql Manager for databases bigger than 200MB.

To download the MySQL Workbench tool, click on the following link:

Step 1. Download MySQL Workbench

As shown in the image above, simply click on the ‘Download Now’ button to download the MySQL Workbench.

MySQL Workbench

Step 2. Using MySQL Workbench

To start using this tool, open the tool and select the ‘New Connection’ option on the screen. It will make a new connection to the database server.

MySQL Workbench


Step 3(a). Get SSH and MySQL Credentials

Before making a connection, note down your Master (or Application) and MySQL credentials. Your Master Credentials are used as SSH username and password. If you are a team member, you will use your application credentials for the same.


Master credentials

Your MySQL credentials can be retrieved from “Access details” under “Application Management” page.

Mysql acceess

Step 3(b): Setup A New Connection

Please follow the steps below to Setup A New Connection

1- Type the Connection Name: Mysql Connection

2- Select Standard TCP/IP over SSH — from Connection Method

3- SSH Hostname :

4- SSH Username: sykrrffspf

5- SSH password: Click on store in vault and enter Your_SSH_Password and click ok

6- Mysql Hostname :

7- Mysql username: sykrrffspf

8- Mysql Server Port: 3306

9- Mysql Password: Click on store in vault and enter Your_Mysql_Password

10 Click on ok

Setup A New Connection

Step 4. Now Double-Click On The Connection You Have Just Created

Click on the created connection to connect to your database.

Database Connection

Step 5: Edit And Manage Your Database

Now you are ready to manage your database as you like.

Database Management


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