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Where Do I Find My Application Folder Name?
Where Do I Find My Application Folder Name?

Can’t find your application folder name on Cloudways? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can find it.

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You may need to know the application folder name that a given application has on the server (e.g. when using Master Credentials to SSH to the server or when using the WordPress Migrator). This article explains where you can find it.

Where Do I Find My Application Folder Name?

Step 1: Go to Application Management

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials. Click on Applications in the top menu bar and then select your target application from the list.

Step 2: Find the Application Folder Name

Now, under the Application Management area, click on the Application Settings section. You will find the application folder name there.

You can also rename the application folder to something that makes more sense to you by clicking the edit icon next to it.

That’s it! We hope this article was helpful. If you need any help, then feel free to search your query on Cloudways Support Center or contact us via chat (Need a Hand > Send us a Message). Alternatively, you can also create a support ticket.

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