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How To Change or Reset Your Cloudways Account Password
How To Change or Reset Your Cloudways Account Password

How to change or reset your Cloudways account in case you have forgotten it.

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You can change your Cloudways account password for security reasons or reset it if you have forgotten it.

Change Your Account Password

We recommend changing your Cloudways account password regularly to keep your account safe and secure. Changing the password only takes a few steps, and this article will explain how to do it. For additional security, you can also enable two-factor authentication.

Step #1 — Navigate to Account Settings

Log in to your Cloudways Platform using your email address and password.

  1. From the top menu bar, open Profile.

  2. Next, click Account.

Step #2 — Navigate to Password

Next, navigate to the Password tab.

  1. Enter your Current Password.

  2. Enter your New Password.

  3. Re-enter the New Password to confirm it.

  4. Finally, click Change Password.

Reset Your Account Password

If you forgot your Cloudways Platform’s password, you can easily reset it yourself despite being the primary account owner or a team member.


  • If you are unsure of your registered email address or forgot it, we recommend you check the email inboxes as you must have got emails from Cloudways. If you still find it difficult to retrieve your email, drop us an email at [email protected].

  • If you had Two Factor Authentication (TFA) enabled on your account and lost TFA access on your mobile phone or do not have backup codes to log in, then contact us at [email protected].

Step #1 — Get Reset Password Link

First of all, visit the password reset page of the Cloudways Platform.

  1. Enter your registered Email Address.

  2. Next, click "Email Me Reset Link".

3. Now, you will receive an email with the link to reset your password shortly. So, open that email and click Reset Now.


If you don’t receive the email to reset your password, make sure to check your spam/junk folder. Also, ensure that our email address [email protected] is not blocked, and emails dispatching from this email address are always allowed. If the issue still persists, please report us at [email protected].

Step #2 — Update Password

  1. Enter your New Password.

  2. Finally, click Change My Password.

Now try signing in again with the new password, and you should be able to access the Cloudways Platform. Check out some hosting providers comparison.

That’s it! We hope this article was helpful. If you need any help, then feel free to search your query on Cloudways Support Center or contact us via chat (Need a Hand > Send us a Message). Alternatively, you can also create a support ticket.

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