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How to Use Cloudways WordPress Migrator PluginNovember 5, 2015


In this KB

  • Installation of WordPress Migrator Plugin
  • Setting up WordPress Migrator Plugin
  • Migrating website with plugin
  • Purging Varnish cache post-migration


We will guide you on how to migrate your WordPress site from your old hosting provider to our platform by using Cloudways WordPress Migrator Plugin.

This plugin is also useful in case you are looking to migrate a WordPress Multisite or WooCommerce based website(s).

Step 1: Log into Your Site’s Admin Panel

  • Enter your WordPress site’s admin username
  • Enter your WordPress site’s admin password
  • Click on the Log In button to log into your site admin panel.

Wp admin Login

Step 2: Installation of Cloudways Migrator Plugin

Once you are logged in into your site’s admin dashboard, click on Plugins option at the left-hand side and click on Add New option.

Wp admin Plugins

Now enter Cloudways WordPress Migrator under search option and hit Enter.

WP admin Search Migrator

You will be able to locate Cloudways WordPress Migrator in the search results. Click on Install Now to install it on your website.

Wp admin Install Migrator

Once it is installed, click on Activate Plugin to activate it.

Wp admin Activate Migrator

Step 3: Settings of Cloudways Migrator Plugin

Click on Settings under Cloudways migrator plugin to enter the details to initiate migration process.

Wp admin Settings Migrator

Step 4: Enter All the Required Information

Now, you will see Cloudways migrator plugin page where you will need to enter  the following details:

  1. Enter any email address you own.
  2. Your destination site URL, which is hosted on your Cloudways server.
  3. Enter your Application Folder Name. You can find the Application Folder Name in the Application Management tab as explained in this guide.
  4. Enter your Server IP address.
  5. SFTP Username. This is your Master username that you can find in the Server tab (you can use Application credentials too to perform the migration if you are part of a team).
  6. SFTP Password. This is your Master password that you can find in the Server tab (you can use Application credentials too to perform the migration if you are part of a team).
  7. Click on Migrate button to start migrating your website.

Wp admin Migrate Info Migrator

Step 5: Migrate Your WordPress Website

Your migration process will begin once you click on Migrate. Please note that the normal time to complete the migration is between 1-4 hours for a small website housing a DB size of 500MB to 1GB.

Migrator BlogVault Migrating

Once the migration has completed successfully, the status will show Completed.

Migrator BlogVault Migrated

To ensure a successful migration, you can simply open a staging WordPress URL (as seen below).

Migrate your website

Once you are satisfied with the results, you can take your website live from Cloudways. The process to do that is explained here.

Important Notes:

  • Please remember to purge Varnish cache of your website from your console. Just navigate to the Manage Services section under the Server Management area. Select Varnish and click on the Purge button. To learn more about Server Settings, please read here.
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