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How to Transfer a Server to Another Cloudways AccountJuly 10, 2018


In this KB

  • Start the server transfer process to another account
  • Accept the transfer server request
  • Cancel transfer server request (if needed)
  • Important notes


If you ever decide to completely move one server in your account to another Cloudways account, this feature is for you. Unlike the share a server feature, the transfer will keep the same server IP.

This feature is ideal for agencies and developers creating applications in their own Cloudways account that want to give full control (including billing) of the server and application to their customer, once development has been completed.

Step 1: Select the Server to Transfer

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials. After logging in, choose the target server you want to transfer to another account.

Note: Both accounts (source and destination) must be Full/Paid to use this feature.

select server

Step 2: Transfer Your Server

Hover your mouse on the circular grid icon at the bottom-right corner of the console and then select the Transfer Server option.

server management

Now, enter the email address of the target account to which you want to transfer the server. Click on Transfer Server to initiate the process.

server transfer

Step 3: Accept Transfer Server Request

The target account owner will receive an email about the server transfer request. The link to accept the transfer request will be valid for 48h.

The destination account owner just needs to click on Accept Transfer Server Request to begin the process. 

transfer server request

That’s it. The server will disappear from the source (sender) account and will be added to the destination account who will have full control over it (and pay for it too).

Step 4: Cancel Transfer Server Process (Optional)

If you want to cancel the process for any reason, simply go to the Transfer Server option (for the server that you were trying to transfer) and click on Cancel Server Transfer. The request will then be canceled. 

Note: The request can only be canceled if the destination party has not accepted it already.

cancel transfer server

Important Notes

  • Both the source and target accounts must be Full/Paid to use this feature.
  • Only account owners (not team members) are allowed to transfer a server.
  • Project access for previous account’s team members will be removed once the server is transferred.
  • Application level credentials (SFTP) created by the previous account’s team member(s) will be removed. Whereas application credentials created by the previous account owner will remain functional.
  • SMTP binding for Elastic Email addon (if configured) will be removed on the server. The new account owner will have to activate the addon. However, free email addon settings (such as free SMTP) will continue to be functional.
  • The server will be billed according to the usage on each account for the first month. For example, account A (sender) transferred a server to account B (receiver) on 10th of the month and the receiver ran the server for the rest of the month. In the very next invoice, account A will be charged for 10 days of server usage while account B will be charged for the remaining 20 days.
  • A server which is shared with another user can’t be transferred to any other account. In order to achieve that, source user has to unshare the server first.
  • In the case of Staging Application, the following cases will apply:
    • When both Live and Staging applications are hosted on the same server, the new owner will have access to both applications.
    • When the server hosting the Live application is transferred, the new owner will not have access to the Staging applications located on the different server.
    • When the server hosting the Staging application is transferred, the new owner will not have access to the Live application and the mapping between the Live and the Staging applications will be removed.
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2 Responses

  1. Craig Sult says:

    Will the server and applications remain available during the transfer process, or would downtime be expected during this transition?

    If downtime is expected, what is the expected duration that the transfer will need to fully complete?

    I’m assuming that server IP would remain the same during the reassignment, as well, correct?

    • Cloudways says:

      Hi Craig,

      There’s no downtime involved in the server transfer process. When the target account owner (receiver) accepts the request, the server will be removed from the source account and be added to the target account instantly (along with all data/web applications).

      Yes, the server IP would remain same.

      Cloudways Team.

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