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How to Enable SSH Access for Application Credentials UsersJanuary 4, 2017


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  • Application Credentials for SSH
  • Enabling access to application credentials for collaborators


Application Credentials give, by default, SFTP-only access to a single application in your account. If you want to additionally enable SSH access with the same credentials, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Select Application

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials. Click on Applications in the top menu bar and then select your target application from the list (the one you want to enable SSH access for).


Step 2: Enable SSH Access

Go to the Application Settings section in the Application Management area and then enable SSH Access under the General tab.

Enable SSH Access for Application Credentials

That’s it! Now all the Application Credentials defined for this application will have SSH access to it, on top of the default SFTP access.

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